1. I cant upload pictures on the signup page?
  2. Answer:

    • The accepted formats for an image/picture are the JPEG, PNG and GIF formats and Image maximum size must not exceed 500Kb. The Height and Width/ Length and Breadth must be of the same dimension (e.g 500 X 500) i.e a Square shape.

  3. I want to advertise on
  4. Answer:

    • Send an email with a description of what you would like to advertise to
    • Call our BOM team on (+234) 8021363386

  5. I cant upload my song(s)?
  6. Answer:

    • Login to your page by clicking on the Login Tab and select Artist Login.
    • Fill in your Page id and Password and click on the login button.
    • Click on the Upload Track button on your page and fill in your song details.
    • Click on the choose file button and locate your song directory on your device and click on the open button.
    • Click on Upload Track and wait for the song to get uploaded.